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Haymes Ecocare

Wash-up and Water Treatment System

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Designed for trade painters the Ecocare system is a multi-function system suitable for use with water-based paints. The system provides an environmentally responsible way for painters to wash up their painting equipment after use. The wash-up water is then treated with a specially designed powder that separates the water from the solids, allowing clean water to be drained from the unit leaving the solids to be disposed through general waste.

Product benefits include:

  • EPA Compliant
  • Avoids ground contamination
  • Portable and compact
  • Fast and simple 1 step treatment process
  • Suitable for water-based paints


Watch the video below for further information on Haymes Ecoccare.


 The Haymes Ecocare Wash Treatment System has an easy 5-step process.

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