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  • UP Prepcoat Hold 315x315
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Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultrahold

Haymes Ultrahold is a methylated spirit based stain blocker especially formulated to provide a very fast drying barrier coating to prevent the penetration of bleeding stains and odours through subsequent coatings. The blocking properties of Ultrahold makes it ideal for blocking stains and odours from water, smoke, fire damage, crayon, tannin, mould, pets and more. Ultrahold has superb adhesion to most surfaces and can be over-coated with acrylic or oil based topcoats

UP Prepcoat Hold 160x160px

Available in 1lt, 2lt, 4lt, 10lt sizes

Prepcoat ultrahold spraycan web
Ultrahold Aerosol

Available in a convenient 300gm spray pack

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