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Interior Expressions Ceiling White

Haymes Interior Expressions Ceiling White is a superbly crafted water based coating for Interior Ceilings. The super flat finish provides minimal light reflection, assisting in the hiding of surface imperfections making it ideal for large ceilings. The product provides superior coverage, is easy to use with minimal roller splatter.

Made with environmentally aware production processes, the Haymes Interior Expressions Ceiling is 99% VOC free - A family friendly formulation, that allow you to move back in virtually straight after painting, meaning it emits no offensive fumes or odours for the life of the paint - now that’s A Breath of Fresh Air™! 

UP Interior Ceiling 160x160
Haymes Interior Expressions Ceiling White Enviro

Ceiling White Enviro is available in Ultra flat finish for beautiful results with superior power to hide imperfection and great coverage.

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