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Peel Away system


PEEL AWAY is a revolutionary concept in paint removal. The PEEL AWAY system has been specially formulated to remove multiple layers of paint in one clean fast application. PEEL AWAY offers a range of products to satisfy most stripping requirements.

PEEL AWAY’s innovative solution for paint removal is a recommended safe process by the EPA. It prevents atmospheric pollution when using the laminated cover. It is safe for removal of Lead Paint and can fully contain the waste. The usage of harmful solvents are reduced, as are any risks to health.

  • Effectively removes paint coatings
  • Provides total lead containment
  • Preserves the substrate
  • Removes up to 30 paint layers in one application
  • Suitable for professional and D.I.Y use
Peelaway 1 315 315px
Peel Away 1

Peel Away 1 can remove up to 30 layers in one application. Suitable for removal of oil and lead based paints it provides safe lead containment and is a recommended system by the EPA. The unique Peel Away system consisting of a paste and paper process eliminates dust or fumes from sanding, grinding or burning. The system ensures safe containment of old lead based paint, contains no harmful solvents and is easy to use.

Peelaway 8 315 315px
Peel Away8

Peel Away 8 is a unique paint removal system that can remove up to 15 layers of paint in one application. It can remove both oil or acrylic paints, is easy to use and provides a safe paint removal process. The system consisting of a paste and paper process eliminates dust or fumes from sanding, grinding or burning thus reducing health risks to the public and contamination into the water system.

Peelaway Neut 315 315px
Peel Away Neutraliser

Peel Away Neutraliser is a concentrated liquid compound that is used to neutralise alkaline residues that are left on the surface after using Peel Away 1. The neutraliser returns the surface to PH neutral ensuring it is appropriately prepared for painting. The Peel Away neutraliser must always be used where Peel Away 1 has been applied when the surface will be coated.

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